What We Do

  • Are you currently building properties? BehindMyWalls™ wants to be part of your construction process. We take photos of walls prior to them being insulated and sheet rocked. We then organize the photos and make them accessible on our website with security measures in place so that only people with access to the property will be able to view at anytime.

    No one expects water leaks, electrical outlets to get buried, wires to get cut, or any other problems. When they happen, you can be prepared with our photos.

  • Access the ORGANIZED photos anytime for 10 Years!
  • We label the photos according to room name and floor. Accessing these photos can save you time and money on your next home warranty repairs.

  • Offer your clients something that makes you UNIQUE
  • Your clients can use these photos for countless home projects(i.e. Running cables in walls, hanging TVs, accurately estimate renovation costs without breaking walls first)

  • Complete TURN-KEY service
  • We do all the work! All it takes is for you to schedule a Photo Session and we will do the rest.

Best of all, It's FREE to have us take the photos! You only pay if you want to view the photos!

    How do I begin?

  • 1

    Register and login to your member's area on our website or call to schedule a photo session before insulation is installed.

  • 2

    We will take photos of every wall that will be sheet rocked. Takes about 1-2 hours per property.

  • 3

    The photos are uploaded to our secure database and organized by floor, room name, and other specific details.

  • 4

    You will gain access to the photos for 10 years after payment is received.

    Why use our service?

    The real question should be, “Why not?”

  • 1
    Our service is valuable

    If photos are not taken before the sheet rock is installed, you lose the opportunity to know exactly what's behind the walls in the future.

  • 2
    Our Service is Secure.

    Your privacy is important to us. Only you(builder) and the future homeowner will have the option of accessing the photos.

  • 3
    Our Service is fast.

    Your projects won't be delayed. Our photo sessions typically take between 1-2 hours.

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