imagine this:

  • You just purchased a home and are settling in. Now it’s time to hang pictures, install TV’s on the walls, and maybe add a security system. These projects involve drilling holes and penetrating your walls. Even if you plan on hiring a professional, not knowing what is behind the wall can cause headaches for you or the installer. There’s the potential of drilling into a water pipe, electrical wires, or worse, a gas pipe.

    That's where we come in. If you're lucky, your home builder used our service and we have photos of what’s behind your walls so you no longer have to worry about your upcoming projects. We labeled each photo by floor and room name to make it easier for you to search for the exact location you need. These photos will save you TIME & MONEY…and headaches!

    The Process

  • First We Take Photos

    During the construction phase of your property, we are contacted to come out and take photos of every room that will be sheet rocked.

  • Next We Organize Them

    The photos get organized by Floor and Room Names, along with the date that they were taken. This makes it easy for you to sort through and know exactly what you are looking at.

  • Then We Secure Them

    The photos are uploaded to our databases and are password protected. For security, you will need to provide your property's Address ID before purchasing and viewing any photos.

  • Lastly We Host Them

    By hosting these photos online not only can you access them anytime with a wifi connection but you can also share these photos with your contractors. This will save them time and save you money.

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*Offer applies to single-family homes only. No purchase necessary for "Photo Session". Purchase must be made to access the photos. Prices are based on square footage of the property.