About Us

BehindMyWalls™ connects the past to the present by providing homeowners the ability to view what's behind their walls AFTER the walls are covered up. We are able to provide this service by obtaining the photos during the construction phase of their property, typically 1-3 days prior to the walls being insulated.


BehindMyWalls™ was formed in 2013. Having a background in home construction and home electronics, there have been countless times when having photos of client's walls before they were sheet rocked would have increased cost savings and saved hours of installation time. For this reason, a process was started to take pictures while working on projects and using them when needed. An idea came to mind that it would be priceless for the homeowners to know what's behind their walls as well. The rest is history...

Our Vision

To have every builder/developer utilize the services of BehindMyWalls™. We want to be a household name where every new homeowner could have the ability to view what's behind their walls to make every future construction project cost less and take less time.