About Us


After spending years in the home construction industry, we built BehindMyWalls as an app that takes the headache out of organizing photos and videos quickly on the go.

We launched BehindMyWalls in 2018 to streamline the most important information needed to understand the inner workings of any property.

As a company, we’re all about making things as easy as possible for you, and through an easy to use, download, and edit app we do just that.


  • Our app is designed to help you quickly organize information. Contractors and realtors both can use our intuitive and user-friendly app to store videos, photos, and information about a specific property.
  • For example, contractors like electricians, plumbers, and technicians can use our app to take photos and videos of the interior of walls long before they’re sheet rocked and painted. You’ll know exactly where to find pipes, cables, and studs, cutting down repair time and upgrades. Once you snap those pictures and videos you can easily add them to floor plans or label them just as fast.
  • Realtors, on the other hand, can use BehindMyWalls to create personalized videos that entice buyers to come view a property. Realtors can go through each room of the property making a video of what makes that space unique. Photos too can be easily organized and attached to descriptions of the videos or onto the floor plan itself. Potential clients will be amazed by realtors who have in-depth knowledge of the property they’d like to purchase. And the best part is, all they need is a mobile device to download the app and upload videos and photos. It’s that easy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide real estate agents and contractors with an efficient solution to organize property photos and videos on one app.


Whether you are a contractor or a real estate professional, we promise that when you choose the BehindMyWalls app we’ll continue to improve it to meet your demands and improve your user experience.

Why Use BehindMyWalls?




  • Integrating existing floor plans with the photos and videos you take helps you save countless hours and thousands of dollars. Not only that, but you can use each media label and customize it for a variety of uses. Download the app for free and upload your first three photos or videos of any project for free. If you need unlimited access, just pay a one-time fee of $4.99.
  • Whether you are a contractor or a real estate agent, BehindMyWalls is a must-have app to organize your work.
  • Get it today and start organizing critical information in one fast, secure, and easy-to-use app.